My Story…

Ive been wanting to post something about myself, not to gloat, not to draw attention to me, i dont want anything like that. I want to help people understand what happens to a person when they are depressed. In Febuary of last year i wasnt sleeping properly. I stayed up days at a time, had a short fuse with everyone, including those that mean the most to me and i was starting to flunk out of school. One day i decided to tell my mom about what was going on and why i was so upset all the time. I was being bullied in school, called faggot, gay,, that i had no friends, and after time i started to believe this. I started having bad feeling about myself like ” why should i be here if no one likes me?”. i starte dtrying to find ways to stay at home away from school. I started faking sick, missing my alarm in the morning and other things. when my mid-term marks came back i9 was failing everything just because i didnt go to school. When i told my mom what was happening we went to my family doctor. since i showed all the signs of depression i was diagnosed with clinical depression and put on some pills. This is where it got worse for me. The pills were supposed to help me, but they didnt, they made everything worse. THey made me want to hurt myself, which i didnt want to do… but i felt like it would make me feel better. i wound up going to the hospital three times because of this. The way i wanted to “hurt myself” was with pills… I thought if i took a couple it would make my feelings about hurting myself go away. Nothing seemed to work. i ended up missing 2 weeks of school and during those two weeks i did the only thing that i loved to do. I played golf. When i got back to school everyone asked me where i was for the passed two weeks. When i told them where i was they had realised how much they hurt me. They finally realised that its not funny to make fun of a person and call them names. Im not gay, I do have plenty of friends, and now a year after i realise that. I love my life and nothing can change that. Again i didnt write this to get attention… i just wanted someone to know my life story, and if you need someone to talk to, im here anytime of day, just email me at Thats my story, now let me hear yours.

By trevorvooght321

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